Fashrevo Shopper Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
  1.  Fashrevo Shopper can help to bring any item from US except for Prohobited Items internationally. 
  2.  If you break the law on the prohibited items, you'll be the solely party to be responsible on any legal action, not Fashrevo. 
  3.  All of the items ordered will be posted at Fashrevo Shopper US Warehouse address first, and then shipped to Fashrevo Shopper Malaysia Warehouse. Here, the items will go through our process of QC check and repacking before proceed for postage to our customers. 
  4. The door-to-door shipping cost is as what is  stated in the Shipping Calculator.
  5. For customers who want to buy from the USA e-commerce website directly, they will be required to pay the total amount as per  quotation before receiving the Fashrevo Shopper Warehouse address.  
  6. Any cancellations and refunds are allowed while the ordered items are still at Fashrevo Shopper US Warehouse. Once the item has been shipped to Malaysia, any cancellations will consider burnt.
  7. Fashrevo Shopper does not guarantee the quality and authenticity of the item purchased from the merchant. Please purchase items from reputable merchants and sites to ensure you receive the expected quality of item.