Gift Wrapping Service

Special gift for your special ones, we provide you a special gift wrapping service.

1. On your cart page, the Gift Wrap application will pop out, or you can click on the wrap as gift icon. Click on "Create First Gift Wrap".

2. Wrapping Theme options will be displayed. Choose your desired Wrapping Theme, followed by Wrapping Variant options and click on "Create" button.

3. Worry not, there will also have instructions for you. You may customize your wrapping based on the options given.

4. You may add more items such as paper box, paper bags, by clicking on "+ create gift wrap".

4. Click "Done" and your wrapping accessories will be added on your cart.
Proceed for check out and your item will be wrap as gift!

4. Don't forget to check out :)

5. A special gift for your special someone <3