Sell Your Preloved T&C

Resell your preloved fashion for cash

Do you ever feel like , i’ve owned this bag for ages but i rarely used it. If only there is a way where i can give this to someone? Then voila! We offer exactly that except now , you will get money when you resell back your preloved item. Do you know , a perfectly preserved branded handbag can have a resell value of up to 50%?


Preloved item must be ORIGINAL & AUTHENTIC . FashRevo team will ensure the item is original. 

Customer fills in the form here. 

  • Details to be filled in the form such as:
  1. Brand
  2. Type of item (Bag/Watches/Tote/Wallet)
  3. Year of buying
  4. Buying price
  5. Defect(s)
  6. Pictures of item and defect(s)
  7. Asking Price
  8. Pick up location
  • FashRevo Customer Service (CS) will contact customer and discuss:
  1. Potential and suggested price (Customer can stick to asking price for 2 months before having to commit to FashRevo Suggested Price)
  2. Charging details
  • Once confirm , you need to take a good picture to be able to post at FashRevo Platforms
  • Some preloved items need a bit of cleaning before taking picture
  • Once sold, FashRevo will take charges for the service :
    • For FashRevo Returning customer , FashRevo charges 15% from the sale price.
    • For non customer , FashRevo charges 25% from sale price
    • FashRevo team will arrange pick up from your location
    • Payment will be done once full payment received and item is checked by FashRevo Team
  • Packaging and delivery done by FashRevo team.
  • Package :
  1. Two times posting in IG
  2. Post in
  3. If preloved item is still unsold for 1 month after two times post in IG, FashRevo will suggest to reduce the price. If customer disagrees, the preloved item will be returned back
  4. FashRevo posts one more time after reduced price. If the item is still not sold after one month, the item will stop from being promoted in our platforms
  5. FashRevo charges 15% – 25% from selling price only once item is sold (excluding delivery charge).
  • Pick up charge (Pay only once item is sold ie deducted from total payment)
  1. Handbag :
  2. Peninsula Malaysia RM 15
  3. East Malaysia RM 20
  4. Watches/Wallet/Wristlet :
  5. Malaysia : RM 10
  6. For any item outside Malaysia , please liaise with your local courier
  • Once the item is sold, payment will be made to FashRevo first. FashRevo will make full payment from selling price (minus 15% – 25% charge to FashRevo) to customer’s account within a week after checking .
  • We will contact customer for bank account details ONLY once the item is sold.

If the item is proven fake , FashRevo have the right to charge back to the seller 100% from selling price as compensation.

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Payment will be paid once the items been sold, but it will take around 3-7 working days to process