#2 - Which one is fake? Here's the answer..

Hi everyone!

We're back with the hottest discussions, about which-one-is-fake question! This time, we compare the original and fake Coach Small Wallet. Hopefully this posting will help to educate more on product authenticity.

(Figure 1: Survey posted on FashRevo Instagram)

Thanks again for actively participated in our survey & supporting us to educate our beloved Fashrevogue on how to differentiate fake item 😎

So, to answer the question for which-one-is-fake? The answer is LEFT. The small wallet on the left side is the fake one! Yeay, most of you have guessed it correctly 👏👏👏

(Figure 2: Fashrevogue are getting good at recognizing the aunthentic & original Coach items. Mostly chose the correct answer. Well done!) 

Why the RIGHT one is AUTHENTIC?

1. The gold hardware on the right small wallet is more solid, neat and has good finishing. The gold Coach logo in front is symmetrical with one another, the font is not too thick as compared to the other one. Besides, authentic Coach will have detailed and artful finishing especially on the 'horse & buggy' symbol on top of the Coach logo.

2. Material. If both are being put side to side, it is so obvious that the signature color of the coated canvas is different. The original Coach Small Wallet has darker colour and made using PVC coated canvas.

3. The finishing details. If you look at how the Coach logo being embossed at the wallet, clearly the authentic one looks very smooth and neat. Other than than, at the back of the wallet, we can see that the zip for the authentic one was sewn neatly 🥰

We also made a video of comparison between original and fake Coach Small Wallet on our youtube channel. You can see in the wallets in much more details!

Click here to watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrHJwKoKl4k&feature=youtu.be

Which one would you like to have as your belongings, the fake one or the authentic one? :)

Now, everyone can go & check your Coach items 😎

Thanks for reading! 

P/s: If you are wondering, in this post, the product is Coach Small Wallet F87589 :)

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