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4th February, World Cancer Day. Have you done your checkup?

Hey guys! Did you know that World Cancer Day is observed on 4th of February every year? It is a day to spread awareness about cancer and encourage its prevention. If it can be detected early then the risk of death can be reduced.

Start a healthy lifestyle
Now is the right time to make a healthy choice to your lifestyle. Not just to reduce the risk of getting cancer, but to be fit too. It’s as simple as 10-30 minutes of routine daily exercise, eat clean, drinking the appropriate amount of water and quit smoking!

Appreciate your loved ones
Surely many of us have had an experience of someone close to us battling with cancer, whether they’re still with us or not. That is why we should always show our love to our families and friends. Express your love more, be grateful and always support them no matter what.

Screening Tests
Make sure to get yourself checked up for the common types of cancer especially if you know you have a higher chance of getting it ie. family history. Never overlook any abnormalities and go straight to the nearest health centre.

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Have a great week ahead and stay healthy ❤

Article by: Anis @ Fashrevo Team

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