First-Time Buyer's Guide to Fashrevo.com

Hello and good day everyone!
I hope you’re having a great day ahead while enjoying the last weeks of January 2024. I still couldn’t believe that it is already 2024, how time flies so fast, isn’t it?

Now, I believe that Fashrevo has made significant strides in marketing and sales throughout the years, introducing the business to the public. We undoubtedly attracted a lot of repeat business over the course of the time, in addition to new customers who had never heard of Fashrevo.com before; a website that offers customers genuine, reputable branded leather items.

These are some guidelines for you new customers to finally become Fashrevo’s CUSTOMER :)
Since our website is super-user-friendly, shopping for authentic branded items has become so easy for all of our online customers in Fashrevo.com. We even have customers from several countries such as Brunei, Singapore, USA, Pakistan and also Japan who buy branded leather goods with us! How cool!?

Like any other business company, we are super easy to find through Instagram, Facebook , Twitter and the latest, Tiktok. From there, we linked our website for customer’s convenience to shop with us.
Another interesting fact, we are super near since our physical stores are located in two locations and it’s easy to Waze your way; Fashrevo Kota Damansara and Fashrevo Bangi. Find us there and shop!

What’s more interesting is that, for peace of mind we offer our customer a 30 days warranty after purchasing with Fashrevo.com. Fret not, we guarantee you guys that our team has made proper Quality Checks before proceeding any orders to provide only the best to our customers.
100% Authentic branded handbags & comes with warranty

You find yourself quite tight-on-money but you love to own a bag from Fashrevo.com? Well don’t worry, we have installment ready for you. Pay us for 3x with 0% interest with Atome, Shopback, Grabpay or MYIOU today! Fun fact about MYIOU is that it follows Syariah Compliance. Usually we will suggest customers to pay for a three months' installment, it’s worth it. Plus, you will get your leather goods after a successful first payment of installment, don’t worry we won’t delay!
buy now pay later installments

Other than that, Fashrevo.com also offers you to Trade-in your bags with us. How exactly? We only accept bags that you once purchased with us. For now, we do not accept leather goods from other stores. This is to avoid re-selling the fake ones since we only sell original goods. No offence!
trade in your handbag for a new one

What’s more interesting about Fashrevo is that we are also available on Zalora.com and have been a trusted market seller since 2019! That is why, not only we ship to our locals in Malaysia, but we also ship our items to Singapore, Brunei and the Philippines. Soon, we’d love to establish our business in Europe, it would be awesome if that happens. Visit us on Zalora - https://www.zalora.com.my/store/fashrevo

Now that you’ve known us, shop right now at Fashrevo.com. Only authentic, we offer.


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