It's too precious… so please take good care of it!

It's too precious… so please take good care of it!

Here are some simple tips on ; How to Protect Your Luxury Bag

1. The way you store your bag

  • Always upright!



  • Stuff your bag with pillow/soft clothes. Make sure not to use newspaper/cloth that will leave stain or ink



2. Inspect your bag and know your stain

It is always good to check and inspect your bag right after using it. If you spot any dirt/stain or mark, it is easier to clean it immediately. You can use a soft cloth or wet wipes to remove the stain. But! Make sure you know the material of your luxury goods before using wet wipes.


3. Use a dust bag when travelling

Cover your luxury bags with a dust bag for optimum protection. If you are bring more than one bag, protect them by storing in one another; in the most shaped and structured bag.



4. Don’t throw your silica gel packets

Silica gel is used to absorb moisture and keep things dry. Usually they are in your bags so do not throw them. You can keep them in your bags, inside your dustbag or even at your rack just to keep the bags fresh and moisture-free.

Hopefully the tips are useful for you!

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