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I am very excited to write to you guys about today’s topic which is about… MORE HANDBAGS..

Do you know that each bag invented was designed for different occasions? Well, for handbag lovers, I bet they already know about this. Let me introduce you guys to three different types of bags that are available in which I hope can be useful information for you to choose your bag!

Clutches, Handbags and Shoulder bags.

Three types of bags for three different occasions.

Handbags are general, we all know that you can use handbags in every other occasion, formal or informal. Depends on the design that will only be the option for users to choose which event it’s used for. Plus, handbags are a lot more useful than other types of bags because of the idea of being able to bring in a special or casual occasion. Be it Mara Hobo bag from Coach or The Softshot from Marc Jacob, these are the best choices we can suggest from

For clutches, it is essential to choose a clutch that matches the formality and style of the event and your outfit. Clutches come in various materials, from leather and satin to beaded and embellished designs, so you can find one that suits the occasion. Additionally, consider the size of the clutch, as some events may require a smaller, minimalist style, while others may allow for a larger, more decorative option.

Shoulder bags are very casual and are a versatile accessory that can be suitable for a wide range of events and occasions. The choice of a shoulder bag often depends on its style, size, and the formality of the event. Other than that, shoulder bags seem to be used for casual purposes more. Whoever walks proudly with a shoulder bag shows an expression of personal style for themselves which is good for personality growth. offers you a variety of bags including the three types of handbags that we mentioned. For more information regarding what bags should you buy from us, you can check and choose whatever bags that you desire!! Only authentic, we offer.

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