RM100 Advance Reward - Sustain in advanced with Fashrevo

RM100 Advance Reward - Sustain in advanced with Fashrevo

RM100 Advance Reward - Sustain in advanced with Fashrevo

Sustainability is the new black in the world of designer handbags, where brands like Coach, Michael Kors and Kate Spade are strutting their stuff on the eco-friendly runway! Plus, Trade-in option is at your service, sir! That’s double sustainability for you.

Imagine this: those luxurious leather totes and chic crossbody bags not only turning heads but also turning over a new leaf for the planet. With recycled materials and ethical production practices, these fashion powerhouses are making sustainability as trendy as their latest It-bag. So, when you sling that stylish Coach or Kate Spade over your shoulder, you're not just making a fashion statement but you're making a sustainable one too, because being fabulous should never come at the Earth's expense!

Trade-in your way to a wardrobe refresh with branded handbags as we offer various designs. Say goodbye to cluttered closets and hello to a chic upgrade as you trade in your pre-loved Coach or Kate Spade treasures for something new.

It's a win-win; you declutter, someone else discovers a gem, and the planet breathes a sigh of relief thanks to less waste. Plus, who doesn't love the thrill of discovering your next fashion find while giving your old favorites a second chance to shine? So, dust off those designer dreams and let the trade-in magic begin because every handbag deserves a stylish sequel!

Fashrevo offers you a great choice of handbags of sustainability which could last more than 5 years with good care. Style with Purpose: Coach, Michael Kors & Kate Spade, where sustainability meets sophistication!

Our Special Promotion will start on 25th May 2024 until 10th June 2024 for your convenience. Make sure to not miss out the Sale Promotion to get your RM100 OR RM50 vouchers in Advanced 😀 So cool, right?!

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