What are the latest handbag trends in 2022?

1. Crescent Bag

Why is it called the crescent bag? The reason is because of its unique curved shape of the bag that resembles a half-moon. People typically use this bag as an everyday shoulder bag that adds a touch of sophistication.

You can style this bag with a plain white shirt and a pair of light washed jeans for a casual day-to-day outfit. Or if you are in the mood to dress up, you can easily pair this bag with a dress and a pair of high heels. With this bag, you will be tre-moon-dously well-dressed!


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2. Bedazzled/ bling bags

Are you getting stressed picking out a bag that suits a social event because you spent the majority of your time in lounge-wear? Afterall, we have spent the majority of our time indoors during the pandemic and now is the time to get ready to paint the town red. What better way to celebrate life than going to a social event?

The latest trend is to wear a bling bag. The bling bag is truly a statement bag made to be worn, envied and desired by others at social events. This trend of wearing party handbags shows that people want glamorous handbags. As the bling bag is already reflective and sparkly, we would suggest you wear an all-white outfit to emphasize the glamorous bag.

If the bedazzled bag is outside of your comfort zone, but you still want a glittery bag, we would recommend these bags:


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3. Textured bags

As the 2000s fashion trends are taking the fashion world by storm, it is not surprising that textured bags are making a comeback. The textured bags are made from woven and fuzzy materials to highlight the playfulness of this era.
Fun, bright coloured and playful bags are the keywords for this trend. We would suggest wearing patterned pants and a pastel coloured shirt to match the vibe of the textured bags. Don’t be afraid to wear loud prints and colourful accessories.


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