Which one is fake? Here's the answer...


Thank you for participating in our social survey on which one of these two is fake in this article.

But that’s what we want to reiterate , the fake one looks very convincing.

Actually the LEFT one is fake.

Thousands of people who voted were unfortunately wrong. Majority who voted right were wrong.


However you might be excused since maybe the picture doesn’t do justice right?

Do you guys know why the LEFT one is the fake one?



Three main points why the left one is the fake one :

1. Zip line colour is supposed to be gold-ish colour but the fake one on left is silver-ish.

2. The finishing of the workmanship is clearly different with left one side (especially the tailoring on front pocket part looks incomparable to the right original one.

3. The colour tone of the leather on left fake one is very uniform unlike real leather on the right original one.

However kudos to some brilliant comments worth mentioning :
1. Left picture have Dustbag on so clearly the fake one.
2. Visually the stitches , bag frame , zip and material for left one looks fake.

Here are some close up picture for comparison of fake vs original Coach bag:



Just some educational info for you all to think for next time :)

Thanks for reading! 

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  • Yey! The left one is fake .. 😂😂
    Anyway, thank you for sharing the useful info. For us, whom do not have any experience buying original branded bags from boutiques/outlets, really2 appreciate it. May Allah bless your team.


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