Your LV is original or not?

Your LV is original or not?

Your LV is original or not?


Louis Vuitton is one of the luxury fashion wear. However, nowadays, lots of sellers claimed their fake LV is original & without proper knowledge, some people believe it and pay huge bucks of money 😭

Here are some tips by our LV experts on how to recognize fake LV 😥

1. Datecode 

All LV bags will have stamping on their opening in which will stated where the LV was made. From there, you can check, whether the datecode provided is the correct one.

Tips for datecode locations on your leather item 💡

  •   ✔ On a leather tab stitched into the edge of an interior pocket.
  •   ✔ The underside of an interior leather tab, usually with a d-ring attached.
  •   ✔ Directly on the lining of the piece, usually on the interior edge of a pocket, either horizontal or vertical. *This type of date code may be the most difficult to locate because they tend to fade with use over time.
  •   ✔ Underneath the hanging pocket (in the case of Speedy and Neverfull bag styles.


💡 Countries and their Datecodes:(Source:

Oh, before we forgot, LV doesn't provide any authenticity card as they've already provided datecode on all their leather goods 👜☝

2. LV hardware is made from pure brass gold.

LV luxuries will only oxidized and will not rust! Once you make proper cleaning and polishing, it'll shine again like NEW 🥰

Now, go and check your LV, make sure it's authentic and please note that, NO ONE can sell NEW LV online ☝ For new LV, please go to the boutique itself 💰 Wanna have real LV at reasonable price, check out our PRELOVED LV now! 😎🥰



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