EziBuy: Buy Now Pay Later

EzBuy : Buy Now Pay Later

Our out of the box solution for all to enjoy , EzBuy : Buy Now Pay Later . Starting 2018 , we have offered a simple 4 months instalment pay system where customer can choose the item they want to get , pay a small commitment deposit . Then the item will be sent straight away to your door. Monthly instalment will be automatically deducted from your bank account until payment completed

This offer is currently opened to only Returning customers using Malaysian bank account

There is a one off admin fee charge of RM30 per transaction

Opened to only Credit Card / Auto Debit account holder

Example :

If total price is Rm 500

Month 1 : Deposit RM 100 , Item delivered

Month 2 : Balance (Rm400/3) = Rm 133 , Auto deduct

Month 3 : RM 133 , Auto deduct

Month 4 : RM 133 , Auto deduct & payment completed