FASHREVO : Weekly Stock Update Direct From USA

Installment Plan



FashRevo provides 4 Options for installment payment, all with 0% Interest:

1. Ezibuy Buy Now Pay Later 3x via Split (Admin fee: RM30) LAUNCHING 5 MAY 2020

Customer can shop now and pay later via our website using debit or credit card. No minimum amount is required. Just choose the "split" payment option when check out and follow the instruction. Yolla! your item is ready to ship for you. Customer must be above 18 years old and cannot have a bad record with Split.

2. Ezibuy Buy now pay later 6 or 12 months (Admin fee: RM30)

Customers will have the chance to purchase our items up to 6 months / 12 months installments. Choose your item(s), swipe your Maybank Credit Card/ Public card and select the installment plan (6 months or 12 months) to enjoy shopping with us! Customers can receive their item(s) first, and the balance will be automatically charged to your Credit Card. Applicable for over RM500 purchase only.

3. Fashrevo Ezipayment 4X (Admin fee: RM15 per item)

For this option we accept payments via CDM/online transfer, any debit and credit card. Minimum deposit depends on the price of the item(s). Customer needs to fill in the manual order form (link given by FashRevo Team) for the puchasing item and payment details. For the balance, FashRevo Team will be in touch through email / WhatsApp. Customer can choose to receive their item(s) by self pickup at FashRevo Showroom or by delivery service once the full payment has been completed.

2 months - 4 months installments

Example (for 4 months installment):


Total price RM485 + Admin fee RM15 = RM500
1. MONTH 1 (DEPOSIT) = RM 100
2. MONTH 2 (balance/3) = RM 134
3. MONTH 3 = RM 134
4. MONTH 4 = RM 134
Delivery once fully paid

4. Ezibuy Buy Now Pay Later 4x (Admin fee: RM30)

Special for FashRevo returning customers, you can receive your item(s) first and proceed with installments payment monthly, up to 4 months maximum. Purchase through FashRevo team (WhatsApp / Email / Instagram) and your Malaysian IC copy will be required. Once the deposit is paid through the payment link given, you can choose to receive by self pickup or delivery service. The remaining payment will be automatically charge to your debit or credit card.